1. Art and Craft Workshop
Six days workshop on Art and Craft was organized by Women Cell from 11.10.2019 to 17.10.2019. In this workshop, Dr. Rajesh Jangra from Govt. Sr. Sec. School was the resource person. More than 70 students participated in this workshop. In this workshop, students learnt techniques of paper mache, clay modeling, painting through best out of waste. The workshop ended with an art exhibition on 18.10.2019. 
2. Hunar Hai to Kadar Hai Workshop
Placement Cell has organized 6 days Craft Workshop “Huhnar hai to kadar hai”- A tool of self employability from 12.01.2020 to 17.01.2020. In this workshop, Students were trained about Oil Painting, Tile Painting, Cone-work, Marble Art etc. 45 Students had participated in this workshop and they were trained by Dr. Rajesh Jangra, Dr. Geeta Jangra, Mrs Anuradha khare, Mr. Abimanyu Sonu and Ms. Kirti Bansal.
3. Best out of Waste Park

4. Creative Bug Workshop
Seven Day Workshop titled "Creative Bug" as a best practice organized by women cell and NSS from 15.01.2021 to 22.01.2021 To sharpen the skills of students in Sketching, Poster Painting, Canvas Painting and Calligraphy and to enable them to use these skills in their future Career avenues. In this workshop 45 students has participated. Instructor for this workshop was Mr. Ravinder Saho, Partiva Saho and Sarita Parikh. They taught Sketching, Poster Painting, and Canvas Painting. An Exhibition was organised on 04.02.2021 and 05.02.2021.

Best Practice Session 2020-21

Practice No. 1

Title:- Joy of Giving


Serving the community through collective efforts of the staff and the students- physical helps and financial helps.


The college has taken initiative to launch a campaign of JOY OF GIVING in the session 2019-20 and in the continuation of this practice, in the session 2020-21, many efforts are also taken which includes building of canteen with seating arrangements of staff and students. As the college has no canteen earlier for the students and students were continuously demanding for the same. The college administration decided to set up a canteen through their personal contribution. The staff members teaching and non teaching made contribution and set up a canteen. Also college staff made contribution towards the revamping the ECO-Park and outside area of administrative block. Further the many staff members contributed in the beautification o the campus by donating two plants.

Problems Encountered:

Being a Govt. institution, the college has no freedom to take the independent decisions.  More funds are required to upgrade the existing infrastructure, but due to covid pandemic, fewer grants were released from the Govt. and the college had no sufficient funds to meet out its needs. Donation Funds are not even sufficient to upgrade the infrastructure. The Practice can be flourished   by serving the poor and the needy people.

Practice No. 2.

Title:  Green Campus Initiatives


1. Building an Eco and Environment friendly infrastructure

2. To develop green habits among the students

3. To make the campus beautiful and lush green

The Context:

The institution has been making continuously efforts to develop such kind of infrastructure which is environmental friendly.  In this regard college set up a swatchhta action plan committee, implemented best strategies in the areas of plantation, maintenance of parks, waste management, greenery management etc. A certificate awarded to the college in which the college is recognized as DISTRICT GREEN CHAMPION or the session 2020-21.


Problems Encountered:

There is lack of manpower which is required to maintain the infrastructure efficiently. The present manpower has been working more than the norms.