Computer Lab

There are three computer labs with approximately 70 computers, LAN, internet facility. Out of these two labs are developed as per the requirement of Compulsory Computer Education. One lab is for Computer Science. All labs have online UPS.

Mathematics Lab

It has 12 computers, UPS, and printer. Students learn programming skill in this lab.

Physics Lab

· The department of Physics has well equipped labs with electronics, spectroscopy, optics and laser Physics equipments.

· Electronics lab

· Mechanics lab

· Laser and spectroscopy (dark room)

· We have 39 sets of equipments in our lab.

·  Major Apparatuses:

· Set of bending of beam

· ‘g’ by bar pendulum

· A.C. mains using Sonometer and Electromagnet

· Common Base/ Emitter Characteristics of P-N-P transistor   

· He – Ne Laser Set up

· Photo - Voltaic Cell

· Common Base/Emitter Amplifier

· e/m by Thomson’s Method

· Lycopodium power using corona ring and so on….


Home Science Lab

1. Stitching lab has 15 hand sewing machine. The different activities like drafting and stitching, embroidery, tie and dye, etc. are carried out in this lab. Same lab is used for practical work like art and craft activities, menu card making, first aid box etc.

2. Cooking Lab, used for cooking activities.

Language Lab

It has 21 computers, one projector, sound system, and latest language learning software related to spoken English and Grammar.

GIS and Remote Sensing Lab

It has seven computers. Students do the GIS and Remote sensing related work in this lab.

Chemistry lab

It has required apparatus, glassware, and chemical to carry out different experiment as per syllabi of GJUST, Hisar. Equipment present in the laboratory include Digital Photo-Calorimeter, ph. meter, melting point apparatus, centrifugation machine, hot air oven, conductivity meter, potentiometer, heating mantle etc.


Our Library is fully automated using SOUL (SOUL of Library Science) software having version 2.0 since 2014 to make entries of books.  A total of 11,109 books are automated in software. Our library facilitates access to various e-journals on a number of subjects such as “Seminar” (E-journal on various topics), the Journal of public administration and governance, and e-books under N-list membership.

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