Code of Conduct for Teacher

Proper nurturing of intellectual honesty in student’s mind helps to enrich their faculty of knowledge, morality, values and ethics.  For this it is important for the teachers and students to understand that values and moral have a cognitive dimension and values and attitudes are developed within an affective domain. If a child observes his/her teachers to be truthful and honest, he/she will absorb their virtues. So as an educator, the teacher should follow these code of conduct.

1.      The conduct behavior and practices while providing any kind of services of a teacher should always be in the welfare of students and Institution.

2.      Teacher should always believe in the worth of dignity, importance of truth and devotion to excellence.

3.      Her/she should nurture democratic principles.

4.      A teacher should be an impartial motivator, disciplined professional, honest and optimist mentor.

5.      A teacher should try to form the character of his pupils, strengthen their mind, and expend their intellect by which they can stand on their own feet.

6.      His/Her knowledge should be unconditional; his behavior should be impartial; his actions should be prudent; his approach should be motivational and encouraging and his life should be full of wisdom.

7.      His/Her responsibility should be tied to the basic tasks and its standards such as legislation and the curriculum.

8.      A teacher should show high commitment in taking responsibilities, respect high tolerance, non-discriminating compassion and better understanding of his students.

9.      A teacher should create a culture that encourages purposeful collaboration and dialogue among colleagues.

10.     Respect the professional standards and opinions of colleagues.